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Truly the fastest Amen break I've ever heard.

In all seriousness, I really think you need to work on the mastering here. It's mildly painful to listen to, in the sense that it makes my ears feel uncomfortable (Not in the "I think it's really shit" way). When every instrument is that loud, then it all kinda mushes together and becomes muddy. I'd pan your instruments more, bring down the volume on them as well, and try to make sure there's a range in the loudness of each instrument.

In terms of atmosphere, it's pretty scary. I actually quite like some of the instruments that you've used, and the samples fit very well. Definitely a strong point. It's a shame that it's a bit repetitive. A bit more variation in structure, chords, etc, would have helped a lot.

Keep at it!

KL4SH responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback, maybe I got so used to hearing this song I can perfectly hear every instrument in every part, lol

Not gonna lie, I saw an untitled piece and got worried but this is surprisingly nice. Please come up with some sort of title, it'll do you wonders.

The piece has a very clear motif and doesn't really deviate from that, but for a calm, background-ish piece like this that's not a bad thing. It evokes a pretty nice atmosphere, despite the harshness of certain sounds. I think it's a good idea to have used a mixture of harsh and smooth sounds, because it lends the piece some variety. The slight noisy edge is good for drawing attention without causing discomfort.

What you could work on are small mastering things: sidechaning, more extensive EQ, compression. Your kick drums have quite a bit of high mid to them, but don't really cut through the bass frequencies as much as I might like. It's semi-stylistic but I think you'd benefit from sidechaining your lower instruments to the kick, and bringing up the low mid/high bass frequencies of the kick. That's one example, but I'm sure if you play around with these things you'll find ways to clean up (or mess around with) your sound.

A very pleasant surprise indeed. Well done, please keep going!

infinitepowersource responds:

thank you! this is exactly the kind of review that i needed. the reason its untitled is because its not fully complete yet, and thats why i needed feedback :)

Is this downtempo? I'm not sure I'd necessarily agree with that tag but it doesn't detract from the piece itself so it doesn't really affect my score.

I like the different sections of the piece, and that they maintain distinct motifs' without being incoherent. I do wish you had changed up the string melodies a bit, taking advantage of the beautiful sounds you can get from slow high strings as well as the slow low ones. However, that being said, the run you did make is very nice and catchy.

I'm not sure whether the kick is a bit too "hardstyle", maybe it could have been differently EQ'd to blend a bit better into the mix. Indeed, in the kick sections, the mix does become too bass heavy, and probably requires a different set of levels on the instruments than in the orchestral section. Only a subtle difference is required, but it will help your melodies sound less drowned out. You could considering a more subtle sidechaining with the kick to help it blend a bit more.

Overall, nice piece, could have used a bit more work though in regards to development and mixing.

DJ-Doty responds:

Thank you very much for your review! Would have to completely agree with you. The exact definition of the word Downtempo is "music having a relatively slower beat" so that's really why I use it. I don't know what genre this is.

Will keep that in mind, thanks! I generally like melody changes during a song but some reason they feel misplaced when I use them in my own tracks. I'm going to research that now because you've brought it to my attention. Maybe even why many people think I'm too repetitive. :)

The kick and bass are probably too hard. I make Big Room and other hard genres of EDM so a good driving bass is usually what I go for in the climax of a track, but it does feel misplaced now that you mention it. I like Alan Walker so I'll look out for that next time when working on another piece like this one.

Thank you for your time, compliments and 3.5/5 rating. Really appreciate it. Have a nice day. :)

Makes sounds.



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