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2017 Submissions

Station Nine Fusion Song
Worthless Attitude Fusion Song
Dragon Fusion Song
Nebula Blues Fusion Song
Alien Bitches Fusion Song
Starglasses Fusion Song
Pastel Pink Kisses Techno Song
Cyberpunk Albert Stroller Dance Song
Vacuum Cleaner Techno Song
AIM - Gravitational Attraction House Song
Canal Dwellers Video Game Song
AIM - Crash and Fade Techno Song
Cha Cha Malone Can Kiss Bill Withers' Ass House Song
Crosstalk Techno Song
The Pipeline Techno Song
Hoverbikers Techno Song
A Bed of Rose Thorns Techno Song
Light Upon The Dark Corners Techno Song
Cipher House Song
Withered Techno Song
Explorers Techno Song
The Nest Techno Song
Snared Techno Song
Clinical House Song
Panda Hotel House Song

2016 Submissions

The Precinct House Song
Beneath The Wires Techno Song
Advert Avenue Techno Song
The Boiler Tunnel House Song
Corporate Headquarters Techno Song
Drive-By Disco House Song
Festival Techno Song
Departure Techno Song
Flashing Lights House Song
Martian Reflection Ambient Song
Hell in a Neon Tank Top [RPG] Video Game Song
Mist [RPG] Video Game Loop
Theme 3 [RPG] Video Game Song
Light Pollution Ambient Song
Desolate Ambient Song
Ash Video Game Song
Micro Ambient Song
Radio Techno Loop
Phyrric Techno Song
Whispers Video Game Song
Espionage Video Game Song
Sea Spirits Video Game Song
Dredgermen Video Game Song
War Drums Techno Song
Night Cruiser Techno Song
Menace Techno Song